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We are keen to advise systems managers or those responsible on future computer strategies that might take account of advances in computer and software technology. Consultative advice is available on good computer practices, backup strategies etc in order to avoid problems, such as lost time or even lost data brought on by machine failure, operator error or even computer viruses.

As stated, SCA can install both hardware and software and incorporate the two so that 'turnkey' systems are constructed. We also offer on site maintenance contracts, with direct on line modem access for instant response, where required, for all systems.

SCA is currently expanding it's technological foundations to incorporate the latest technology, based on networking, for all our corporate customers. Intranets (Internal Networks) and the Internet are being used for effective communication and as a delivery medium, not only between SCA and our customers, but also between our customers and theirs. 2000 will herald even more advances in this area and SCA hopes to bring this technology to it's customer base in a smooth transition, ensuring growth and benefit for all.

Structured Commercial Applications are :
Jim Donnelly Managing Director and Customer Liaison
Programming & Technical Hardware Consultant
Andrew Lennard  Technical Director and legacy systems specialist
Peter Norris  Networking & PC Administration



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