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Founded in 1989, Structured Commercial Applications Ltd  and Silvertune Computer Applications Ltd (known as SCA) have many years experience in various sectors of business and the computing industry. We are engaged in the analysis, design and configuration, installation, setting up and maintenance of systems such as stand-alone PC's running Windows™,  PC's operating on a variety of network operating systems and Mini computers running Compaq/Digital VMS and HP UX™ (unix).

We setup and develop integrated systems of different types: ( eg  Unix / Windows NT & Windows 2000 / Novell / or VMS) as one large computer set-up. Some of these sites are now using our expertise to link these systems to the latest Internet based technology.

Apart from being consultants and designers for the systems mentioned above, SCA has been responsible for the design and implementation of several bespoke software applications, from a package for the motor trade through to a complex, relational marketing database suite. SCA also specialise in writing smaller "bridging" pieces of software that allow existing systems within a business to communicate with modern, off-the-shelf applications (eg. Microsoft Office™).


Structured Commercial Applications Ltd, 7 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, London W4 2NE  United Kingdom

email   :                   tel  :  0208 995 2914                   fax  :  0208 995 2875