SCA's range of Intel based PC's vary from a budget Celeron base unit at under 500 to the latest Pentium III-800 systems with plentiful memory and flat-screen displays. It's your choice. 

SCA generally offer two types of PC delivery to our customers - for customers who have networks who want another workstation, SCA will provide the best hardware available at the clients usual per-workstation budget. For customers specifying the PC for defined requirements (even if networked) SCA will work with the you to select the specification that is right for you. 

All our PC's are built to order - SCA do not hold stock. This means we either buy better technology for the money or the same technology for less. And we pass these benefits on to you. When tailoring a PC to your needs, we can usually customise:

  • Processor
  • Ram (the memory)
  • Hard Drive (the storage)
  • CD or DVD
  • Case/Chassis Size (Mini tower, midi tower, full tower or desktop)
  • Hard disk
  • Display size / type (15, 17, 19 or 21 inch CRT or LCD Panel)
  • The operating system (Windows 98SE, NT & Windows 2000 4 workstation or Windows 2000 professional)

To order the PC of your choice or if you have any other questions, please CONT & Windows 2000ACT US

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