SCA hardware is always specifically tailored to the customers requirement. You won't find "free" application software with our PC's or servers, because very little in life is free. Bundled deals usually result in either overpricing or a reduction in hardware quality - or both.

As authorised Intel Product Integrators (IPI's) we not only assemble PC's containing Intel Processors but use Intel main-boards (the main circuitry of the PC or server) and Intel or Intel recommended chassis (the "case"). Intel support and training mean that we not only can produce premium PC's, but support them. Intel are the industry trendsetters and by using their main-boards as well as their processors, SCA can offer a platform that not only performs, but offers safety and reliability. For more information on our Intel based PC's follow this link

No one can guarantee in life that things will not go wrong, but isn't it nice to know that IF they do, help will be on hand. SCA offer a range of PC options and servers and more information on our server solutions can be found in our NETWORKING section. Our PC's contain not only Intel components, but premium kit from around the world. Renowned manufacturers such as Sony, IBM, Panasonic, Seagate, Samsung and Micr
osoft make up the component parts of our PC systems.

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